Upcoming LeanPath Food Waste Prevention Webinar
June 8, 2016  //  wednesday  //  45 Minutes
10:00 am PDT • 11:00 am MDT • 12:00 pm CDT • 1:00 pm EDT


dada_wfkh.jpgIn the U.S., we waste an estimated 40% of the food we produce from farm to fork to landfill. According to the USDA, households and food service operations together lost 86 billion pounds of food in 2008, or 19 percent of the total U.S. retail-level food supply.

This webinar will explore tips to reduce that waste, from at-home to commercial foodservice kitchens. Dana will highlight some of the checklists, recipes, and practical strategies from her book released in late 2015, Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook: A Guide to Eating Well and Saving Money By Wasting Less Food. After a short presentation, LeanPath’s Andrew Shakman will join Dana for a facilitated discussion of how many of the tips can apply to foodservice operations, and ideas you can put to work in your operation.

As NRDC’s leading expert on food waste, Dana Gunders is the author or coauthor of several widely distributed reports, including “Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill” and “The Dating Game,” the latter of which reveals how confusion regarding food expiration dates contributes to the problem of food waste in America. She recently published Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook: A Guide to Eating Well and Saving Money by Wasting Less Food. Gunders also works on developing new ways for companies to improve their food sourcing.

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