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The Power of Automation:
Using Systems to Slash Food Waste

More and more foodservice operations are starting to pay close attention to food waste—because wasted food is wasted money. Couple that with the National Restaurant Association’s research that food waste reduction is a top 10 culinary trend for chefs this year, and the fact that patrons are willing to pay more at sustainability-minded operations, and you have more reasons than ever before to make food waste reduction a top priority.

But what’s the best way to monitor and minimize your food waste? This webinar will explore the power of automated food waste tracking systems as a long-term, sustainable solution for food waste management. Attendees will explore how automated systems save time and money, raise staff awareness, and keep food waste minimization a central focus of your daily operations.


What you will learn:

  • How real-time data and intervention inspires actions to reduce waste
  • The behavioral impact of displaying the value of food waste
  • Results from real organizations that switched from paper to automated systems

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