Leanpath | Food Waste Prevention

Leanpath Webinar Series:

Food Waste Prevention Business

And overcoming common objections

Food prices continue to be unpredictable.
Supply chain disruptions are impacting inventory.
Consumers are demanding sustainable practices.

In today's foodservice industry, the ability of food waste prevention to address all those issues can't be ignored.

In this information-packed, 45-minute webinar, learn the ROI you can expect from food waste prevention, and how to make the business case for getting started with urgency in your kitchen.

You'll learn:

  • The triple-bottom-line benefits of food waste prevention (financial, environmental and social);
  • How to clearly explain those benefits in business terms;
  • The 6 common objections you should anticipate and how to address them.

Learn how to advocate for food waste prevention at a time every foodservice operation needs it most!

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(Note: this webinar does not include closed captioning. Inquire at info@leanpath.com for a transcript.)