September 24, 2019  ///  Tuesday  ///  45 Minutes
10:00 am PdT • 11:00 Am MdT • 12:00 pm CdT • 1:00 pm EdT

Join Leanpath Executive Chef Robb White and Sodexo chefs from the healthcare, universities and corporate dining segments as they share time-tested advice for reducing food waste. 

In this information-packed 45-minute webinar you will learn:

• Menu engineering tips to reduce waste

How to leverage food waste data to improve your production sheets

• How to get your teams engaged in preventing food waste
chef-robb-white chef-ken-krenzler chef-laurance-morrison chef-brandon-williams
Robb White
Executive Chef
Ken Krenzler
West Coast Area Executive Chef
Laurence Morrison
Executive Chef
Corporate Dining
Brandon Williams
Executive Chef
College & University

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