Leanpath | Food Waste Prevention

Hotel Alfonso XIII

66% reduction in food waste.

“I like to run a tight ship,” says Hotel Alfonso Executive Chef Brian Deegan. “I don’t want to sound like a scrooge, but we’re a kitchen not a supermarket. I buy fresh food to sell not to keep on the shelves.”

A man after Leanpath’s heart.

Marriott’s Hotel Alfonso XIII, in Seville, Spain, has 150 rooms and five restaurants and bars, with a third of its F&B revenue from banquet events. With Deegan’s focus on running an efficient kitchen, he embraced the additional insights he got from tracking food waste with Leanpath.

Understanding his full food waste stream not only allowed him to focus on areas of improvement and see big food waste reduction success, but found it a critical tool in his purchasing.

“Leanpath basically does your buying for you,” he says. “You see what items you’re actually selling and what your wasting. It’s amazing.”

Check out further insights from Deegan and read how they are helping Marriott achieve its Serve 360 goal to reduce food waste 50% by 2025.

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