Leanpath | Food Waste Prevention


Avoid Food Waste

If you’re like most in the foodservice industry right now, you’re strapped for labor. In this lightning-fast webinar, we’ll review the food waste pitfalls that can come from common labor-saving tactics and how to avoid them. 

Find out how food waste can get out of control when you:

  • Purchase pre-fab items to save on prep time
  • Cook in large batches because you’ve got staff on hand (and won’t later)
  • Cut back on inventory management to save staff time
  • Streamline your menu to reduce demands on the kitchen
  • Hire inexperienced staff because it’s all that’s available

And learn how to keep that food waste under control.

Presented by Leanpath Executive Chef Robb White.

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(Note: this webinar recording does not include closed captioning. Inquire at info@leanpath.com for a transcript.)