Upcoming LeanPath Food Waste Prevention Webinar
MAY 3, 2017  //  WEDNESDAY  //  45 Minutes
11:00 am PdT • 12:00 pm MdT • 1:00 pm CdT • 2:00 pm EdT

What is driving food waste in your kitchen?

Presented by:

LeanPath CEO Andrew Shakman

Robb White, CEC, CCA, ACC
Executive Chef & Food Waste
Prevention Catalyst

Reducing food waste in a professional kitchen is an ongoing battle. In most kitchens, between 7 and 10 percent of the food you buy ends up as waste.

But as chefs and operators, you can take action to dramatically slash this waste in half or more! Join LeanPath’s food waste fighting Chef Robb White to explore three areas you should focus on today, that are very likely the top waste culprits in your kitchen. 

Food is often overbought and without strong practices in place to utilize all purchased food, it ends up wasted. Learn how to transform your operation to menu smart, use production sheets, know your inventory, and more.

Fear of Running Out
Most chefs have engrained in them that there’s nothing worse than running out of food and facing a unsatisfied customer, and so begins the cycle of overproduction. Explore how to transform your culture and kitchen mentality and get creative without unnecessary abundance.

Knife Skills
An often overlooked solution to reducing food waste is properly fabricating proteins or prepping fruits and vegetables. Gain tips to train your staff and ensure you have proper tools and processes in place to minimize waste.

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"I can’t imagine being without [LeanPath] and we’ve only had it for five months. I don’t know why I wasn’t thinking about this 10 years ago. Before we had no actionable way to get a handle on it—it changes the way we do things. This program provides a focus for the department to rally around and do the right thing for the environment."

Mary Jo Morris  //  Director of Dining and Conference Services at St. Norbert College